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buttermybooks asked:

my non-book obsessed friend was literally just telling me how walmarts book section was 97% john green and 3% divergent. i dont understand why they are minimizing that section. ugh.




That is very true. They had like three different version of TFIOS. The book selection was pretty pitiful. 

Having just been there I can confirm this. 

Mine also had The Mortal Instruments series and Gone Girl. But yeah, Divergent box sets and tons of TFIOS.






Ballet Dancers in random situations. Link Photos by Jordan Matter

This photo set is just so beautiful to me

Ballet dancers are the most flexible people ever.

don’t fuck with a ballet dancer because they can balance their entire body weight on the tips of their fucking toes and they can spin perfectly balanced while doing it so they are some hardcore motherfuckers

Am i the only one concerned about the girl in the last picture who is about to loose her arm via train

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